Saturday, 18 September 2021

Counting Chickens Before They Hatch?

 I know we've all been told not to do that but while I was waiting for glue to dry, I started mucking around with some buildings in the industrial area. I sort of had a good plan already and I thought that I could check it out. The plan changed several times this week.

First I got the warehouse out. I then thought that maybe I could put the brewery next to the warehouse but use the first of two lines for the wheat silo. That moved everything down one track. When I took the brewery out, I found the dairy from the old layout. That will take the place of the wharehouse.

Every siding, except the warehouse, was coming in off one point and with the magic of a couple three way points, fanning out to the industries. Moving one track down wasn't going to help the geometry of some of the sidings.

Track-wise, the best solution is to add another point from the head shunt. There is a bit of track to pull up and replace for that to happen.

The other thing to consider is access from the aisle. This works. There may be some uncoupling and pushing into the appropriate spot but the points are in reach.

Finally, aesthetics. It's got to look good. I wanted lower industries down the front. 

Here is what I came up with. The image is a bit messy. It's more of a record shot so that I remember what I'm doing later.

The oil loading platform fits the bill there. The tall wheat silos are up the back. I was going to buy an extension kit for this. The wheat trains are long so up the back of the area is perfect. They will need to be split into two as they will block the view of the brewery. I found the factory building that used to be next to the brewery. That's going back next to it. This pushed the wheat silos further back and there won't be any room for an extension of the silos. Each siding for the wheat silos can hold up to 6 hoppers. Perfect for my 8 wagon train.

In front of the wheat silos will be two tracks for container wagons. I need two long lines for my gantry to pretend to work on. Enough for 10 GME wagons. Perfect for my 6 wagons which will be captured with on layout traffic.

In front of the container sidings will be a steel works made from a Peco train shed. Its place is held by the brick walled brewery base. It's the same width.

Next to that with the silos and unloading shed in place will be the cement works. It is a tall structure near the front but from the operator's view that shouldn't matter. If it was closer to the wheat siding, it would create a narrow canyon.

I'm hoping that when every thing goes in for real that all my chickens hatch and I can really fit it all in.

I know that this sort of thing isn't everyones cup of tea but I just want to move wagons around and have a reason to break up and shunt trains.

Until next time.

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