Sunday, 30 November 2014

A Long Time Between Drinks

Yep. It has been a while. I occasionally have some workmates around for drinks after work on a Friday afternoon. One of my mates was interested to see the progress that I had made on the layout as I was grabbing a beer. There wasn't any. It seems that from early August work seems to get a little busy and the progress on the layout seems to come to a halt. I haven't even had people around to operate the layout.

I did however, find the need to clean the layout up a little as my dad picked up a Hornby P2 with sound. It's not quite the south coast of New South Wales but the Cock o' the North looked great with a string of LNER coaches behind it.

The following week I received delivery of a couple 86 class locos. Fortunately the layout had already been dusted off.

I've always liked electric locos. Having grown up in the northern suburbs they were what I saw everyday on anything from interurban services to Gosford, the Newcastle Flyer and the the various country trains such as the Brisbane Limited and that's not to mention the endless goods trains which they hauled.

New arrivals to the layout.

These two are a little out of my brown era but they were a great looking loco and they are great looking models.

On the real railway, we had a couple of railmotor tours go through on the weekend. I took these in the morning.

621/721 at Asquith.

CPH 1, 3 and 7 at Mt Colah.