Friday, 3 January 2020

North Eastern Corner Part 5

Happy New Year!

December was busy. Apart from short bits of modelling, there was a running session. As I'm a messy worker, (A new year resolution to sort that out this year.) there were a couple of days tidying up.

Here is where I am up to now.

4. Sort out fences - paint them too. Completed
5. Create back yards. Completed

6. Glaze and light houses. 
7. Add static grass and trees to landform. In progress. Needing to finish ballast loading area.
8. Create platform for loading dock. In progress. Needs tarmac top.
9. Place on the layout. 
11. Build the new building for the conveyer to run from.

Number 12 was the Goods Yard. Here it is finished.
13. Ballast Points near the station. Completed
14. Build signal box for the station.
15. A fence, or hedge for the station.
16. Build grain unloading facility for brewery.
17. Finish brewery. In progress. Needs coping stones for the wall.

18. Finish industry next to brewery. In progress - needs some detailing.
19. Build warehouse backs for back scene between Brewery Lane Station and houses. In progress. I have built two but I might need one or two more.

20. Retaining wall in front of brewery and the next door industry.
21. Finish off static grass and scenic touch ups. In progress.

22. Paint the sides of the tracks. In progress - there is still the station to do.

Another small project was painting an HO scale Michael Portillo with a copy of Bradshaws. He came from a box of Preiser figures bought second hand. A small - more like tiny - piece of styrene was placed in one of his hands. He was then painted in appropriate colours.

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Until next time.