Sunday, 1 December 2019

North Eastern Corner Part 4

I've been pottering about the layout making small progress in little bits. Here's where I'm up to.

4. Sort out fences - paint them too. In progress. - fences on order. Still waiting
5. Create back yards. In progress.
6. Glaze and light houses. 
7. Add static grass and trees to landform. In progress. Waiting for fences to do this in one go.
8. Create platform for loading dock. In progress. Needs tarmac top.
9. Place on the layout. 
10. Ballast the siding and the mainline. Completed
11. Build the new building for the conveyer to run from.
12. Plaster Goods Yard. Completed Used sand paper instead.
The image above has just had a bunch of scatter material and static grass put down. The sand paper gives the goods yard area a bit of compacted dirt look. I'll experiment with some paint to try and match it to the panted plaster in the foreground.
13. Ballast Points near the station.
14. Build signal box for the station.
15. A fence, or hedge for the station.
16. Build grain unloading facility for brewery.
17. Finish brewery. In progress.
18. Finish industry next to brewery. In progress - needs some detailing.
The brewery and the other industry are on separate boards. The brewery needed to be raised as the wagons hit the awning roof and the platform was a bit low. The other industry (an engineering company) is on some matte board covered with tarmac paper.
19. Build warehouse backs for back scene between Brewery Lane Station and houses.
20. Retaining wall in front of brewery and the next door industry.
21. Finish off static grass and scenic touch ups. In progress.
22. Paint the sides of the tracks. In progress

I've a busy week this week. The overnight work thing that was postponed due to catastrophic conditions is on this week and I've a couple of evening meetings. I reckon that my fifteen minutes a day might not be much more than that this week.

Until next time.