Saturday, 18 September 2021

Alterations for a Turntable


Here's the problem. I want a turntable. The best place for the track plan is directly above this station. Engineering wise, it may not be the best spot. A support for the top level will need to be cut away. It's on a triangular section which doesn't have much support any way .

The solution - and there was a lot of hope for the best - put in these two pillars and move the existing support back a bit. The first could be done. The second can't be. The support has nothing to move back to.

The hole was cut and adjusted in the not so round section. Even without the pillars on the platforms, the 12mm ply has a fair bit of strength. The existing supporting wall was altered and brick paper glued on the new work. To top it off the wires for the turntable will be able to go behind the brick wall.

Now I need to paint the turntable. It wasn't painted before and now I reckon it could do with a lick of paint.

Until next time.

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