Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Station Building Part 4

Here is where I'm up to.

I used cardboard to mock up a rear wall. It looked pretty good so I cut some styrene to the right size and shapes for the doors and windows.

Next I painted the concrete awning sea mist grey (I think - it was a light grey.), the station building and interior were sprayed tan (the interior being sprayed on white styrene was  more yellow than the paint sprayed on the bricks) and the doors and windows were sprayed a dark blue as that's what the doors and windows at Dungog station are, according to Google Earth's Street View.

Today's effort was dry brushing different shades onto the brick work. It looked hideous so the airbrush came out again. I used earth and wood shades of brown and lightly sprayed them onto the building to vary the colours of the brick work.

Has it worked? I think so but I'm going to leave it a while and see what I think. If I'm not happy then it will be repainted again. Everything above is currently blue tacked together.

My man concern at the moment is that the platform bricks don't match. I'm not sure that it would be too bad if it weathered the platform bricks a bit.

Click here for the inspiration as I can see it from Google Earth.

Until next time.

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