Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Putting things off.

You know those jobs that aren't really difficult but you want a bit of time to do them? Like installing point motors for example.

It has taken a while to put them in. Not because it was a difficult task but because it was a little awkward. It involved soldering and drilling and pulling stuff out from under the layout. Not hard stuff but a reckoned that it would take me a couple of hours, so I kept putting it off until I could tackle it in one go. I should have looked at other jobs to do but that seemed too difficult.

It took a little bit more time than I thought but I took my time and the job is finally done.

The point motors are for the top station of Awdry as a couple of the points are out of arms reach and require a little stool to operate. Not any more.

Four point motors were installed. Three at the end of Awdry station (top) and one ate Brewery Lane station. (Bottom) The latter allows access to the grain silos.

One of the points at Awdry required a bit of packing to operate properly.

Tonight's effort was using my new Peco Static Grass Applicator. I threw the old one out as it wasn't as safe as I thought. The Peco one is much better and less likely to stop your heart. It was a very narrow strip between the track on the edge of the top level but it still needed some grass.

As I have an operating session in the first week of the month, I am not too keen to do anything too major with the layout. A bit more ballasting and retaining wall building will probably fill the time between now and then.

Until next time.

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