Saturday, 29 December 2018

Some Silos and Shops

I've been working on an interior of a station building for a club up the coast. The work is going slowly but here is my latest offering at home and in the station building.

The shops were made over a series of nights at the club from styrene. The fridges are images downloaded thanks to Google images and glued onto silver boxes. The staff are pretty much the same people painted in different colours. The menus and posters were created the same way. All images were put into a Microsoft Publisher document and printed out. The shop signs across the top were created using Word Art, except for the Chick-fil-a sign which is a real franchise in the States. It's one of my mates favourite chicken outlets. When my wife and I were in an airport in the States we ordered a chicken burger each. They served them without buns. They also gave us the wrong burgers but by the time we'd figured that out I couldn't be bothered going back and complaining a second time. Despite that, the chicken was good and their advertising posters amusing, so I thought that I would stick it in the take away shops.

My next job for the club is the toilets and news agency.

On the home front, I thought that sitting in front of some aircon with the cricket and a kit was a good idea. So I finished off my grain silos for the brewery at Awdry.

I intend to put an unloading shed in front of the silos. In fact, the whole brewery site needs to be raised 9mm for clearance of the the awning. The silos are painted silver because that what Google images told me. In hindsight, I may have only seen new silos used for advertising. They are also sitting very close to the building. In realigning the track behind, I had to get rid of the annex to the side and rear of the main buildings. This has left a gap where there was no wall because it would be covered by the annex. I can't find any bits that I have saved which would fit the gap, I even thought of cutting the annex. However, the silos are big enough to cover the hole.

I need to finish off some of the paintwork around the doors and base.

Then I reckon I can get on with the dairy end of the station.

Until next time, happy new year.

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